Explore new markets

Our technology helps you to better understand the overall market picture and identify your direct or indirect competitors. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we are able to support you in the analysis of the markets you wish to explore and guide you in the evaluation of potential future sales estimates.

Associates users to the corresponding cluster

To obtain a valid cluster analysis, it is essential to select elements with homogeneous characteristics and group them according to certain parameters. DECIDERE™, thanks to its data processing capacity, allows an optimal management of the data, for example to perform a segmentation or to address a certain message to certain users.

Enhance product innovation

Through the analysis of the processed information, our technology is able to extract important data and give you advice on how to act to innovate your business. This will allow you to gain unique competitive advantages in your target market through the identification of the levers on which to act and the development of the right strategy.


  • Scientifically explore your target markets

  • Respond differentially based on associated profiles

  • New possibilities for data visualization

  • Evaluate new product launches efficiently

  • Leverage market opportunities