Make warehouse rotation more efficient

DECIDERE ™ for Warehouse, analyzing key indicators such as inventory turnover, warehouse saturation and order preparation time, and combining them with external context variables, helps you to make the whole process more efficient and reduce related costs.

Allocate the necessary costs in the best way

The costs of stocking and maintaining the warehouse, generally considerable, are often avoidable. Thanks to calculations performed by Artificial Intelligence, you can determine the optimal cost of managing your storage and identify potential savings.

Plan your workforce

In order to obtain a quality management of the warehouse it is compulsory the presence of motivated and competent people. DECIDERE™ for Warehouse, thanks to precise analysis measures, is able to help you in the choice of qualified personnel and in determining the number of employees necessary to optimize the efficiency and cost of the workforce.


  • Optimal inventory rotation

  • Efficient management of personnel

  • Reduction of management costs

  • Order preparation time optimization

  • Analysis of the devices used

  • Warehouse saturation control