Apply optimal reload

DECIDERE™ allows you to establish the perfect reload to maximize a product's profitability. Based on specific indicators, complex algorithms identify all the ranges of possible recharges, and the economic effects of each alternative.

Evaluate the best alternative

How much does the design of a product weigh? Is it convenient to modify it to address emerging problems? DECIDERE™ analyses, in terms of margins, the impact of the design phase and updates. This makes the evaluation of design alternatives and of the consequences of one or more changes possible.

Increase your profitability through your decisions

Do not limit yourself to a retrospective look at the profitability of a product. Thanks to our technology, you can equip your company with profit models that, by predicting the profitability of products, evaluate the company's performance and plan specific actions to increase profits.


  • More efficient design process

  • Optimizing profitability of existing products

  • Sales volume forecast

  • Preventive analysis of decisions

  • Price strategy control

  • Profitability analysis of new products