Maximize the efficiency of the workforce

DECIDERE™ analyses fluctuations in yields, absences, overtime, holiday entitlement and working hours, and works out the best combinations. You will see that it places inestimable value on the people who work there, which is why we have introduced indicators on the company climate, people satisfaction and welfare to maximize the efficiency of the workforce.

Simplify and automate tasks

The platform simplifies and automates processes and the reporting of activities such as personnel administration, management of relations with trade unions, coordination of training activities.

Create a healthy corporate climate

Workers' happiness is reflected in increased productivity. DECIDERE™ analyses and combines indicators such as absenteeism rate, type of contract and no. of overtime to support the entrepreneur in creating a healthy business climate through specific decisions that lead to the maximization of business results.


  • Maximization of the workforce’s efficiency

  • Healthy corporate climate

  • Reduction in absenteeism rate

  • Simplification of processes

  • Automated reporting