Decidere™ is a software that allows, through the use of predictive models, to estimate the impact of a decision on the company, before that decision is taken.

  • Making decisions: it supports the entrepreneur in identifying the best path to achieve his goals.

  • Predict risks: it provides elements to choose with the lowest possible risk.

  • Seize opportunities: it allows the entrepreneur to reduce the time devoted to the analysis of complex issues and to focus on business strategy and optimization of results.


Corporate Finance

DECIDERE™ allows to conduct an analysis of the company's economic and financial performance by assisting the entrepreneur in the process of data elaboration and information provided by the financial statements. Thanks to the platform, it is possible to express both a current and future assessment of the "state of health" of the company, through specific predictive models.

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The machine learning - based algorithms exploited by DECIDERE™ show the impact of your decisions on the brand before you take them, helping your company to stand out from the competition and increase real and perceived value.

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Thanks to a constant analysis of the main performance indicators, combined with multiple variables, DECIDERE™ is able to support the entrepreneur in the management of production, maximizing its efficiency.

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Just in time logic, ABC classification, FIFO method (first in first out) or LIFO method (last in last out)? AI algorithms respond reliably and precisely to similar questions, suggesting the best strategy for your reference context.

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DECIDERE™ for Products is unique in its ability to identify, monitor and address product performance in a consistent and logical way. The platform, in particular, guides the modeling and optimization of product profitability, with a scientific analysis of contribution margins, for an exact evaluation of the impact on the overall profitability of the company.

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Human Resources

The management of Human Resources in a company plays a fundamental role and having an overall view becomes increasingly complicated. In which area should the workforce be increased? Where to allocate the various resources? These are just some of the questions that DECIDERE™ is able to answer to support the entrepreneur in all his decisions.

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Market analysis

DECIDERE ™ allows the entrepreneur to be competitive in his reference market and to increase performance in view of the development and growth of his company. AI enables to refine market research by recognizing clusters in a defined manner, associating users on the base of their specific behaviors and responding in a personalized manner for each associated profile.

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The Monitoring section allows you to view and understand the cause-and-effect relationships between corporate decisions that have been previously made and the results obtained.

The entrepreneur defines the goal he intends to achieve in a defined period of time (example: achieving a company value of 25 million by 2025), the platform then identifies business indicators (KPI) and functional variables to achieve the selected goal, and monitors their value over time.


The Simulating section allows to show the impact of the entrepreneur's decisions projected into the future.

The model evaluates various hypotheses: through the modification of one or more variables (such as the number of employees, the price of a product, the value of an investment) the platform shows the different company results.

The platform then performs a simulation of scenarios that suggest the optimal strategy for achieving the set goal and maximizing value.

This section also allows a clear, complete and intuitive display of the results through graphs, reports and comments.