The results of your decisions, before you make them

Available in July 2020

How often have you taken decisions based on what little information was available, betting on and worrying about an uncertain outcome?

We have condensed years of development in Artificial Intelligence in a user-friendly platform that allows you to predict with a better degree of certainty the future impact that today’s decisions will have on your business.


PLATFORM Analizzare™

Easy answers in a world of complex problems.

Available in September 2020

Temperature rises by one degree and oil prices collapse, someone tweets a message and stocks crash.

We live in an era where everything around us is interdependent and intertwined in a complex web of invisible connections. Our technology renders them visible and understandable.

PLATFORM Investire™

Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize your business.

Available in September 2021

Our Vision: accompany small and medium businesses to the forefront of technology so they can better apply their creativity, invention and flexibility to drive innovation. Aware that the current financial system does little to support innovation in small business, we asked ourselves: and what if we were to do it?

We’re on our way, and nothing will be the same again. Vedrai™

PLATFORM Pianificare™

Your business’ finances under control.

Available in September 2020

Whilst businesses are concentrated on making profit, they often encounter cash flow problems. We have developed a ready-to-use management tool that will forecast your cash flow precisely for you and let you free to concentrate on managing your business.