About us

VEDRAI is a joint stock company founded in 2020 that uses a proprietary technology based on AI, with 10 years of qualified experience on the market. Our goal is to support and stimulate the growth of European small and medium-sized enterprises, the beating heart of our economic and production system.

Vedrai's vision is to give time back to entrepreneurs, offering them a tool to seize the best opportunities and to boost their decision-making process addressing it towards choices that reduce uncertainty and maximize profitability.

With a decade of expertise in the field of AI, VEDRAI is fast-growing, young, motivated and committed to continuous innovation. It was founded by the will of its young president Michele Grazioli, one of Forbes' most influential figures in the field of innovation and an internationally recognized entrepreneur in the AI sector.

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Founder's vision

A letter from Michele Grazioli

The value of a company is measured by the ability of its people to dream big.

I’ve always been a perfectionist. I used to spend nights doing the work of my collaborators because I thought I could do it better. Then I realized that this was an imperfect system.

There is one topic I have often came across in recent years from a technical point of view: the problem of the local highs and lows. If Artificial Intelligence learns exclusively from the data it observes, how is it possible for it to understand if the observed situation is the best / worst only among the cases observed or among all those observable?

I started applying this concept to the people who worked with me as well. What I considered perfection was none other than my local maximum; the only way out of this trap is to add other local highs, and have a much clearer view of the situation. An ambitious undertaking cannot be done alone.

This is the new paradigm: to find someone who is better than me at managing the various activities of the company. So what’s left for the entrepreneur? Perhaps the most difficult task, certainly the least measurable: to inspire. Asking people to devote the best years of their lives to pursuing someone else's dream is a daunting task; inspiring them to the point of making that dream theirs too is what characterizes a successful entrepreneur.

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