Why Vedrai


Business’ value is measured through its people’s ability of dreaming big.
In order to manage complexities, Vedrai’s predictive models improve decision-making abilities through AI and Machine Learning. These tools allow you to easily optimize your business’ goals and to pay attention to results’ quality and people’s empowerment.


Decisions are defined by a combination of several information that lead to the best choice possible. This means that increasing the information available for the analysis will make your actions more effective. Therefore, in order to stand out, recognising complex relations is needed to create careful predictions about the future. This can only be done through the help of mathematical models that allow the implementation of beneficial choices for the time to come.


Data are the starting point of our technology. Vedrai’s predictive model has no limits in the number of used variables. Indeed, it can reach hundred of thousands with a minimum effort. Through computational and scalable resources, our platform of Data Ingestion translates into value the complexity of a huge amount of different data.
You can smartly question your data and find the best answer for Your Business.


Our Business model is based on a synergetic network. We work with partners and companies which actively lead us towards the growth of our work’s value. Furthermore, network is core in Vedrai’s technology. We apply mathematical models to predictive analysis. This is possible thanks to the continuous learning of artificial neural networks which will provide you with accurate and reliable results.


With us your data are safe. Our platform optimizes your business performance with respect to values such as reliability, accuracy and openness. We operate in line with the principle of accountability. We implement adequate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the processing of corporate data is operated in accordance with the Regulations of the Privacy protection authority.


What we do is simply using AI to calculate the impact a decision will have on KPI over time. Clearly, we consider both linear and non-linear variables before the decision is taken.
To boost your output and workers’ life quality, reveal possible scenarios in advance and estimate how your decisions will be reflected in your business performance.